Box 2 La vie au grand air

A little comment on La vie au grand air
This was my first collaboration with Sophie Baren and Nicole Jamet.
Meeting them was important as we made three movies together.
Who says it rains in Brittany?
We had one month of sunshine!
Beautiful pictures from ’Ile de Groix ‘, which is a little paradise as you can see.
Go to Brittany and discover all those islands... it’s beautiful...
France is a magnificent country.
Corinne Touzet
On a little island in Brittany, Juliette Lacombe (Corinne Touzet) manages « la Claire », an oyster-farm which is a family legacy, with her two employees, Eric and “Le Muet”. Bernard Kerouac, (Christophe Malavoy) together with his colleague Stéphane , comes to negotiate the take-over of this oyster-farm in view of transforming it into a thalasso centre.
Although her financial situation is precarious and her banker refuses to help her, Juliette refuses categorically to sell « La Claire » to Bernard. She has the support of her mother, Claire Lacombe (Micheline Presle), who is the mayor of the village and the somewhat ambiguous support of Jules, an old inhabitant of the isle. The confrontation between Bernard and Juliette is rough and moves from blackmail to seduction and gradually to mutual attraction. Juliette and Bernard fall in love with each other.
One evening, Jules disturbs a moment of intimacy between Bernard and Juliette. When Bernard has left, Jules tells Juliette that Bernard is her brother…
Stunned for a moment by this news, the fight between them starts again, each of them not moving away from their position; but how will their mutual desire keep them on the right track...?