Card Yes Prod - Et demain Paula

The music of this movie has been composed by Didier Sieja and Pascal Simoni.

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Premier extrait BOF Et demain Paula - Composition Didier Sieja et Pascal Simoni
Deuxième extrait BOF Et demain Paula - Composition Didier Sieja et Pascal Simoni
Troisième extrait BOF Et demain Paula - Composition Didier Sieja et Pascal Simoni


This movie will always remain the most beautiful, the most accurate, the most moving of all my films as this was my first baby…I made it with all my heart…

Corinne Touzet


Paula, a homeless woman, has cut herself off completely from her past which had become too heavy to carry and lives in the streets since two years. Two years of wandering, violence, doubt and guilt.

Will she be able one day to lick her wounds and to return to the society that surrounds her? Will she accept the help from Serge, a voluntary worker in an association for homeless people? Paula will spend some time with the little Leo, whose mother, Josy, is about to be expulsed from her home together with her children.


“Et demain, Paula” shows in a courageous and engaging way, without becoming tout or dwelling on the sordid side of life, the journey of  homeless people, from the moment they go down until the time of their revival. This role was played remarkably well, in a sober and simple way. The script and the production are of a great accuracy. This film is deeply moving.

This was a risky gamble for Corinne Touzet. The audience could have let her down, but didn’t. They were with her once again. When the movie came out, Corinne said: “Paula moves me deeply. We succeeded in making her say the right things, just as we wanted her to. If the message we wanted to bring across is positive, then we won. I will always be proud of having made this movie.”


Paula : Corinne TOUZET

Serge : Tom NOVEMBRE

Josy : Françoise PINKWASSER

Rémy : Maximilien REGIANI

Kevin : Geoffrey BONNARD

Andrée : Dora DOLL

With the participation of Thierry REDLER

Technical team

 Director : Michaël PERROTTA

Scenario - Adaptation – Dialogues : Florence DUHAMEL

Composer : Didier SIEJA et Pascal SIMONI

Director of photography : Hugues DE HAECK

Chief decorator: Jean-Christophe LOGNOS

Chief editor : Pascale ARNAUD

Chief sound operator : Dominique DUCHATELLE

First assistant director : Nicolas PICARD

Wardrobe mistress : Yvette FRANK

Dresser : Françoise MALGOURIS

Chief make-up : Gil ROBILLARD

Chief hairdresser : Sophie ASSE

General director : Pierre DUFOUR

Casting director : Marie-Claude SCHWARTZ

Production company : Yes Productions

Associate Production : Corinne TOUZET - NGUYEN THI Lan

Production director : Olivier FAY-KELLER