Card Yes Prod - La vie au grand ait

The music of this movie has been composed by Anne OLGA DE PASS.  



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First extract - BOF La vie au grand air  

Second extract - BOF La vie au grand air

L’Île de Groix, Brittany, are marvellous and privileged places.  Since this magic shooting - we did not have one drop of rain, contrary to some spiteful gossip which might be spread on this - my love for this region has even grown. The inhabitants are cheerful and welcoming. They protect thei environment and thisis waht all other regions should do. I'd love to return there one day... 

Corinne Touzet 

Summary : 

Juliette Lacombe, a young and sparkling ostreiculturist, fights for the preservation of the wild coasts of her little island in Brittany. A hotel company has set its heart on this piece of paradise. The young woman tries hard to fight against these real estate projects.

The mayor of this village, who is the mother of Juliette Lacombe, is very determined to expel the representative of this hotel company, Bernard Kérouac. What are the real reasons for this hostile reaction of Juliette’s mother towards Kérouac? Will Juliette resist the charms of Bernard Kérouac, who seems to be very persistent?

Opinion : 

A comedy played with spirit, in which we discover Corinne Touzet as miss catastrophe, scatterbrained and absentminded, courageous and fighting. An ostreiculturist determined not to transfer her oyster business to this powerful real estate company.

In this movie Juliette defends both nature and her family business.

It also relates the story of a woman in love but who is also a prisoner of a family secret…


Juliette LACOMBE : Corinne TOUZET 

Bernard KEROUAC : Christophe MALAVOY 

Claire LACOMBE : Micheline PRESLE 

Jean BERTIER : Jean-Claude BOUILLON 

Eric : Pierre AUSSEDAT 

Stéphane : Frédéric QUIRING 

Jules : Christian BOUILLETTE 

The dumb one : Loïc BAYLACQ 

Sébastien LEPEZNNEC : Xavier CLEMENT 


Director : François LUCIANI 

Scenario - Adaptation – Dialogues : Nicole JAMET – Sophie BAREN 

Composer : Anne OLGA DE PASS 

Director of photography : Jean-Pierre ALIPHAT 

Chief set designer : Dominique TREIBERT 

Chief editor : Marie-Sophie DUBUS 

Chief sound operator : Alain SEMPE 

First assistant director : Frédéric VIGNAL 

Dresser : Laurence BRIGNON 

Wardrobe mistress : Danielle LAFFARGUE 

Chief make-up : Régine DUYCK-LATTUGA 

Chief hairdresser : Sophie ASSE 

General studio director : Eric LIONNAIS 

Casting director : Marie-Claude SCHWARTZ 

Production company : Yes Productions 

Associate Producer : Corinne TOUZET - NGUYEN THI Lan 

Production director : Olivier FAY-KELLER