Card La Rumba



1938. Paris is reeling at the rhythm of the rumba, the cucaracha or the charleston. Beppo Manzoni, one of the gangsters, has several restaurants, bars and a luxurious dancing, visited by elegant louts, gigolos and spies from Mussolini. In this era of pre-war, the town in very dangerous.Manzoni will face “commissaire” Delaix who is a member of the clandestine organization “La Cagoule”. A fight until death starts between the two men…. (summary of the official DVD)


This is one of Roger Hanin’s greatest movies in which he gathers all the great actors of the French cinema and all his friends. In a tense but at the same time festive atmosphere, two clans face each other with guns and explosives. Beppo Manzoni decides to protect Italians involved in the revolution instead of handing them over to “La Cagoule”. He protects Regina Berluzzi and falls in love with her. This role is interpreted by Corinne Touzet, difficult to recognize with her slicked-back hair, who is at the same time singer in a bar and chief of the Italian revolution...


Beppo Manzoni : Roger HANIN 

Damien Malleville : Michel PICCOLI 

Commissaire Detaix : Niels ARESTRUP 

Madame Meyrals : PATACHOU 

"Ma Pomme" : Guy MARCHAND 

Regina Berluzzi : Corinne TOUZET 

Paul Bergerac : Philippe CAROIT 

Valentine : Sophie MICHAUD 

With the exceptional collaboration of Lino VENTURA 

Technical team 

Director : Roger HANIN 

Scenario - Adaptation – Dialogues : Roger HANIN – Jean CURTELIN 

Producer : Christine GOUZE-RENAL 

Music Director : Claude BOLLING 

Sound Engineer : Daniel BRISSEAU 

Dresser : Marie-Françoise PEROCHON 

Chief make-up : Odette BERROYER 

Casting Director : Shula SIEGFRIED