Card Yes Prod - Valentine

Valentine was my first real comedy. I was petrified to make this movie although I really wanted to do it for so long!!!
I know these kind of colourful women, having met them dozens of times in those little French villages which I crossed by foot, by car or on a horseback. Nevertheless, I was scared. The two first days of shooting were a nightmare, I doubted everything. I constantly asked myself "will I be up to it?" and then, suddenly, I realised that Valentine had always been a part of me. She had always been there, in me. As from this moment the movie became a real pleasure to make, for the whole team. 
The major of Châteauneuf du Pape welcomed us warmly. The whole crew was very happy and kept a nice souvenir from this shooting. 

Corinne Touzet


Valentine grows organic vegetables on a piece of land next to the Château Peyrac, whose owners are large wine producers. She is loved by everybody on the market place of her little village. She has grown up together with the two sons Peyrac. One is Xavier, who is an expatriate in the US and whom Valentine has always been in love with, and Grégoire a confirmed womanizer and a real friend of hers. When Xavier returns from the States, he falls in love with the spontaneous and sincere Valentine. Will their love stand up against the differences which exist between their two social classes? Grégoire takes up the challenge of making Valentine into a real upper class woman!


Valentine is a touching, natural and romantic character which one could meet on the markets of the Provence. This character has seduced a large audience being alternately whimsical, moving, delirious,… Valentine was a real success. The movie came out on DVD also, which allowed the good humour of Corinne Touzet to be spread everywhere!


Valentine : Corinne TOUZET 

Grégoire : Arnaud BINARD 

Xavier : François-Eric GENDRON 

Charles : Philippe LEROY-BEAULIEU 

Jessica : Babsie STEGER 

Nadège : Raphaëline GOUPILLEAU 

Rémi : Pierre DENY 

Maître d’hôtel : Jacques HANSEN 

Jean : René MORARD 



Director : Eric SUMMER 

Scenario - Adaptation – Dialogues : Nicole JAMET – Sophie BAREN 

Director of photography : Jean-Pierre ALIPHAT 

Chief set designer : Dominique TREIBERT 

Chief editor : Dan FACUNDO 

Chief sound operator : Philippe LECOCQ 

First assistant director : David FERRIER 

Dresser : Yvette FRANK 

Wardrobe mistress : Françoise MALGOURIS 

Chief make-up : Sophie PRE 

Chief hairdresser : Sophie ASSE 

General studio director : Bruno VIGNIER 

Casting  director: Marie-Claude SCHWARTZ 

Production company : Yes Productions 

Associate Production : Corinne TOUZET - NGUYEN THI Lan 

Producer : Jean-Marc ABBOU


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