Card: Les Inseparables


Eric is placed for the first time in a family who loves him. He realises that he is unable to accept the love and kindness this family gives him.
He doubts everything, often misunderstands what he is told and can't chase the phantoms of the past which keep haunting him.  (Summary of the official DVD) 

La traversée du phare (1998) and Les inséparables (2001) are two harrowing movies by Thierry Redler. They are almost autobiographical, full of love, affection and understanding but also full of wounds and rebellion.  
Two television movies of a great sensitivity with two great actors, Jim Redler and Kathly Loisel, who steer these adventures and play their characters with a lot of accuracy and precision.  
The couple Thierry Redler - Corinne Touzet support the difficult start in life of these two tourmented souls with a lot of sincerity and kindness.
Worth mentioning in Les Inséparables is the importance of Petia, played by Romain Redler, who is perfect in his role of protective and thoughtful big brother.


Eric : Jim REDLER 

Marie : Kathy LOISEL 

Corinne : Corinne TOUZET 

Petia : Romain REDLER 

Pierre : Thierry REDLER 

The jugde : Luc BERNARD 

Momo : Aurélien WIIK 




Director : Thierry REDLER 

Scenario, adaptation and dialogues : Thierry REDLER 

Music of te movie : Thierry REDLER - Olivier VISCONTI 

Director of photography : Jacques DOROT  

Sound engineer : Jean-Luc VERDIER 

Chief set designer : Jean POUPON 

Chief editor : Janette KRONEGGER 

Wardrobe mistress : Brigitte REDLER 

Chief make-up : Dominique MAGNIER 

Hairdresser C Touzet : Sophie ASSE 

Producer : Patrick RIEUL

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