Card d'Or et de Safran


Summary :

Alex Marchal, journalist and photographer, travels to Birmany to report on the resistance which fights the dictatorship set up by the army of this country. The authorities are watching her girlfriend since childhood, Soon Yi, who is an excellent lawyer and also opposed to this dictatorship. Via Soon Yi, Alex is able to meet Tong Shen, leader of the resistance, to enable her to take pictures to illustrate the situation.
By not respecting the security rules set by Tong Sen, Alex puts the expedition at risk. When they return to the village, the soldiers arrest all the "resistants" as well as the inhabitants of the village. Alex feels helpless when watching these massive arrests. She takes a pictures of Tong Shen arrested by the soldiers. This will reward her with a price. However, when Alex learns about the massacre of the inhabitants and the death of Tong Shen, she gives up her price and her career. She returns to Birmany to try and correct her mistake and regain the confidence of her soulsister... This is the start of a long and difficult journey in the jungle of Birmany.


This movie reports on the situation in Birmany which was described with a lot of realism and courage. Corinne Touzet and Lucie Phan form an astonishing pair. They drag us along in the depths of the jungle of Birmany and in the middle of the armed conflict  which puts a lot of strain on this long-standing friendship, which seems inexistant right now. This movie is a tribute to Aung San Suu Kyi, who was part of the resistance in Birmany and received the Nobel Price of peace. 


Alex : Corinne TOUZET 

Soon Yi : Lucie PHAN 

Ko Than : Santha LENG 

Tong Chen : WU HAI 

Wang Zao : Jean-Marie WINLING 

Serge : Jean-Claude LEGUAY 

Morant : Aurélien RECOING 

Whin Loc : Jim-Adhi LIMAS 


Director : Marco PICCO 

Composers : Jean Marie SENIA - Frédéric JACQMIN 

Chief set design : Périne BARRE 

Chief editor : Youcef TOBNI 

Wardrobe mistress : Jackie BUDIN 

Chief make-up : Marie-Hélène DUGUET 

Chief hairdresser : Lalith DARMAWARDANE 

Producer : Francis PELTIER – Asoka PERERA


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