Card Passion Mortelle


Frédéric Sartey, police officer, is investigating the strange murder of a business man, who used to go to wedding agencies, in order to meet casual women. Sartey decides to ‘join’ one of the agencies and makes appointments with several women.

Very quickly, Rachel Baldi becomes a suspect, but Sartey falls in love with her and refuses to admit that she might be guilty. Sartey is still suffering from the disappearance of his wife. He is currently living together with Florence, who is a doctor. His daughter, Victoria is staying with them.

After making some enquiries Rachel decides to wear the same clothes and same hairstyle as his ex-wife in order to seduce him and, at the same time, his daughter Victoria. She found out which and how after some investigation. At the same time she tires to please his daughter too. Sartey breaks up with Florence, who returns home. The murder investigation is stagnating, Sartey has a dispute with his partner and the mysterious Rachel makes contact with Sartey’s daughter when she leaves school.

Is Rachel sincere?  Is she schizophrenic? Florence finds out that Rachel’s alibi is false.

The whole investigation is challenged again…..


A police thriller just as we like it…well put together and breathtaking until the end. We could read the following comments in the press when the movie was broadcasted: “We find action, emotion and a touch of eroticism in this psychological and qualitative thriller, which merits to be shown in the cinemas. High quality”.

Bruno Wolkowitch, Corinne Touzet, and Natacha Lindinger form the perfect trio in this original detective movie. Bruno Wolkowitch is very touching in his role of police officer and lost soul but always sincere. Natacha Lindinger receives the prize of best actress for her double role totally psychedelic and manipulator. The role of Corinne Touzet brings a balance to the movie because of the stability of the character and her motherly and protecting side… which contributes to a large extent to resolving the investigation.


Frédéric Sartey : Bruno WOLKOWITCH

Florence Leroy : Corinne TOUZET

Rachel Baldi : Natacha LINDINGER

Marco Weber : Denis KARVIL

Victoria : Ana ULARU


Technical team

Director : Claude-Michel ROME

Scenario - Adaptation – Dialogues : Claude-Michel ROME

Original music : Frédéric PORTE

Director of photography : Ion MARINESCU

Editing : Wally REBANE

Dresser : Mihaela ULARU

Chief Make-up : Violeta MARINESCU 




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