Card La traversée du phare

Summary : 

Marie and Eric are orphans. 
She is living with her aunt, he has been shifted around from family to family by the Administration.  
They both withdrew into total silence. 
One day the two children meet at school. 
Step by step they open up to life, to affection. 
It becomes more than just friendship between Marie and Eric; it's love. 
Together they feel they can stand up to the others. 
But suddenly they are bruttaly separated. (Summary of the official DVD) 

Opinion : 

La traversée du phare (1998) and Les inséparables (2001) are two heartrending movies by Thierry Redler. They are pretty autobiographical, full of love and affection but also full of hurt and rebellion. Two television movies greatly sensitive with the two leading rôles played so well by Jim Redler et Kathy Loisel, who are the real engines of these adventures. 

The couple Thierry Redler - Corinne Touzet gave those tormented souls all their genuine help and affection at the difficult start of their lives. 

It is worth noting that, in Les Inséparables the rôle of Petia is very important. It is played by Romain Redler, who is perfect as the big brother protecting and affectionate towards his little brother.


Eric : Jim REDLER 

Marie : Kathy LOISEL 

Corinne : Corinne TOUZET 

Petia : Romain REDLER 

Pierre : Thierry REDLER 

The judge : Luc BERNARD 

Momo : Aurélien WIIK 


Rémy : Lény BUENO 



Director : Thierry REDLER 

Scenario, adaptation and dialogues : Thierry REDLER 

Film music : Thierry REDLER - Olivier VISCONTI 

Director of photography : Eric FAUCHERRE 

Sound engineer : Philippe LECOCQ 

Chief Set Designer : Périne BARRE 

Chief Editor : Janette KRONEGGER 

Dresser : Bilie SCHAMP 

Chief make-up and hairdressing : Christine CARDAROPOLI 

Producing director : Bernard PACCALET




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